LTL Freight

Domestic Freight Shipping

Savannah Cargo offers LTL service that is flexible, efficient and economical for single-pallet, and multi-pallet shipments. Our LTL trucking services are reliable and backed by guaranteed services that have every option you need to get your cargo to destination on time and intact.
Expedited services are available, as well, because the LTL trucks are on the road every single day of the year. These trucks are temperature controlled, so that all shipments' contents maintain the same temperatures throughout transit, no matter the temperatures outside the trailers. Both winter and summer can cause shipments to be subjected to extreme climates, but with our Temperature Protect Service, every shipment is safe.

We ensure that our customers know exactly where their freight is at any point in time through Shipment Tracking tool, hear from us proactively about any changes to the schedule, and receive exceptional customer service during every interaction.


Offering service in the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii, we provide the service advantages you need, including:

  • Proudly serving all 50 states
  • Delivery to over 99% of all U.S. zip codes
  • Comprehensive Guaranteed delivery service

With Savannah Cargo LTL Services, Customers receive:

  • Expedited Shipping,
  • Next Day Services
  • Cut Costs
  • Shipping Cross Country
  • Small Shipments at Low Prices
  • Climate Controlled Trailers
  • Secure Shipping, Damage Free Freight

To arrange for LTL freight shipping services, call toll-free at: 1-855-993-7447. Or complete the Quote Request form