South Sudan Customs Regulations

Unlike other neighboring countries such as Kenya, there is no age limitation for vehicles imported to south Sudan neither is there mandatory Pre-shipment Inspection. Both RHD and LHD vehicles can be imported to South Sudan though driving is on the right.
Importers must pay the required duties, taxes and fees and receive an official release order for the goods. Duties, taxes and fees are payable before releasing the goods except direct delivery goods.
For Imports through Kaya border the customs clearance has to be done at the border or at Yei. With regard to imports through Kapoeta the customs clearance can be done at the border or at Juba. Presently at Yei, customs are taxed under a tariff regime of 0 to 20%. At Juba the regime is from 0 to 45%. All vehicles custom cleared at Yei can also be registered at Juba.